Welcome to Keypup, where we empower software development teams with seamless integration capabilities across one or multiple Jira sites, delivering real-time, customizable insights into your software development metrics.

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Jira Analytics

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πŸ” Intelligent Jira Analytics & Monitoring

Keypup goes beyond conventional analytics, offering you an opportunity to track key software development metrics across multiple projects, teams, or Jira sites, overcoming the inherent limitations of Jira’s analytics. Experience a holistic view with our seamless integrations with:

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Drive informed decision-making across your engineering organization by leveraging real-time insights from your development stack.





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Leverage & Customize 

40+ Pre-Built Metrics Templates

Keypup comes up with a library of 40+ metrics and 8+ software development dashboards to help you get started. You can adapt them to your own naming convention and processes or use our assisted configuration to get them up and running in minutes.

Unlike other solutions, we, at Keypup, believe in absolute customization and unrestricted access to all datasets, allowing you to build your own metrics based on specific processes or needs. With unlimited users and historical data, along with custom analytics, we offer solutions that truly reflect your needs.

Automate Real-Time

Jira Metrics

Facilitate Jira analytics and unlock powerful metrics and KPIs to improve software delivery,  quality, sprint efficiency and more.

🌟 Key Features:

πŸ” Jira SSO sign-up/login: Seamless team onboarding with Jira credentials.
πŸ”„ End-to-End Monitoring: Track issues linked to pull requests within and beyond Jira.
πŸš€ Accelerated Start: Customized templates tailored to your needs for maximized productivity.
πŸ” Intelligent Filtering: Focus on the most relevant information and make data-driven decisions.
πŸ”Ž Drill-Down Analysis: Uncover insights and take proactive actions to drive continuous improvement.
🌐 Multi-Project & Repos Monitoring: Gain a unified view of your software development activities.

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